A new report by London-based workplace consultants, Peldon Rose, has found that Generation Z – aged 18 to 24 – place a higher premium on their working environment than any other generation.

This supports the findings of our recent study The Great Indoors: Rethinking Workplace Part I, which highlighted that ‘Gen Z’ workers across Europe find uninspiring and dated décor to be their number one bugbear.

Given the choice, they would prefer a collaborative space with a homely feel – not the grown-up playground-style, as you might expect.

And it seems the reason for this is socioeconomic. Jitesh Patel, Chief Executive at Peldon Rose said in an interview with OnOffice magazine: “As Generation Z enters the workforce, it is clear that for this demographic the line between work and play is narrowing.

“As the generation least likely to own their own homes, they are also seeking home comforts in the office environment. They are looking for a well-designed office that is fun, social and helps support their mental health and wellbeing.”


This raises an interesting point, which firmly backs up our worklife concept, and far exceeds aesthetics. As goals such as home ownership become more difficult to achieve, young employees are increasingly expecting their ‘workplace’ to fulfill multiple needs.

Whether to support mental health, promote wellbeing or be more environmentally friendly, Generation Z envisages its employers to be a positive force for good across the board.

In short, this age group looks for and values the same attributes and qualities at work as they do in their personal life. Ultimately, it’s worklife in practice.

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Workplace Report - Part I
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