For our first ever The Great Indoors Live event, we invited a selection of leading Dutch designers and architects to a cutting-edge venue in Amsterdam. The aim was to bring the quantitative findings of our research report, Rethinking Workplace: Part 1 to life.

Led by renowned design journalist Katie Treggiden, there was a lively discussion around some of our research findings. This included worklife, which refers to the increasingly blurred lines between our personal and professional lives, alongside analysing interesting demographic splits in the data.


Anette Timmer EMEA Marketing Director Carpets/Workplace
Katie Treggiden Creative Consultant
Floor Kuitert Editor FRAME magazine

Zoku: Putting worklife into practice

The event was held at Zoku as the concept behind it mirrors the findings in Rethinking Workplace. Developed by design agency, Concrete Architectural Associates, it comprises a space that is conducive to work, without feeling like an office – or a hotel or restaurant, for that matter.

People spent on average 90 percent of their time indoors. That is why we want to help our customers to create healthier, people-friendly spaces Anette Timmer

Lead designer Murc Wymenga has created a hybrid space that includes several ‘zones’ to suit a range of working styles. From the greenhouse, encouraging ‘deep work’, to the social kitchen area set-up for collaboration, the concept blends the best areas of people’s professional and personal lives to appeal to all working styles and tasks.

To find out more about the live event, our key research findings and the Zoku concept, watch our video. And for more insight into ‘worklife’, read our post: What is worklife and why does it matter?

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