Held in Chicago every June since 1969, NeoCon serves as the commercial design industry's launch pad for innovation— offering ideas and introductions that shape the built environment as we know it.

This year in lieu of a live exhibition, NeoCon hosted NeoConnect - a series of online resources and events designed to virtually connect the NeoCon community. This was the perfect platform for Caroline Till, co-founder of futures agency FranklinTill, to discuss the future of work.

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck, we have seen many workplace trends that were already slowly on the rise, suddenly grow at an extremely fast pace. This point was highlighted by Caroline when she presented the Storeys Journal: The Worklife issue as part of the NeoConnect virtual program. 

In fact, the Storeys Journal - which was published shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak - had previously flagged that many physical workplaces were not keeping pace with the changes that were already rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives, such as remote or home working.

In her presentation, Caroline highlighted shifts in workplace trends that were identified in our pre-pandemic research and combined these with post-Coronavirus data to explore how and where workspace design is going next.

The Worklife Issue of Storeys Journal, produced by @TarkettGroup and @FranklinTill, was presented at the #NeoConnect 2020 virtual exhibition.
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For anyone that couldn’t make the event, there will be other opportunities to see this in our upcoming webinar series ‘Rethinking Workplace’.

Find out more about The Storeys Journal

The Storeys Journal is a collaborative project between FranklinTill and Tarkett. In the publication FranklinTill explores the context of Tarkett’s global worklife research, by asking why shifts in workplace trends are happening, and how/where workspace design is going next. Download your free copy of the Journal here.

Find out more about NeoConnect

The NeoConnect exhibition brings together a series of online resources, programming and events from NeoCon, creating virtual connections for the NeoCon community - find out more here.

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