Tarkett gathered an esteemed panel of experts from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss the role of sustainability in commercial office design as part of Workplace Week International 2020.

There have been many changes for the workplace in 2020. To understand how these behavioural trends might impact on office design specification, Tarkett has been running an ongoing research project - Rethinking Workplace

The most recent reports (download below) - carried out during the Covid-19 outbreak - suggest that the health crisis could in fact be a catalyst for change. As the pandemic continues to unfold, the research reveals that employees have a renewed sense of purpose and that environmental policy is seen as a key issue for them.

In this panel debate, we look at what is driving this mindset with experts from across the built environment. Here they explore key themes including how businesses keep sustainability front and centre, and whether collaboration and acceptance are the keys to success in the circular economy.

Nitesh Magdani
, Architect & Associate Partner of Insight Futures, London
Dr Mike O’Neill
, Author and Founder HumanSpace™, Wisconsin
Sandra Tripp
, Principal at Huntsman, New York
Ryan Ware
, Co-founder & Vice President of Construction, Vantis, California

Rethinking Workplace reports

European overview: Rethinking Workplace report
In our new report, we discuss the needs, desires and wants of workers in 11 European countries. Download now

US overview: Rethinking the sustainable workplace report
New research from the U.S. reveals a ‘knowing-doing’ gap between what businesses believe about sustainability and the actions actually being undertaken. Download now

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