The ‘future workspace’ is the subject of a series of presentations, panel discussions and an exhibition at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020, taking place this week (4-8 February).

Workspace Sweden 2020

Today's workplaces are changing at an ever increasing rate, not only through the rise of digitalisation, but also thanks to the emergence of younger generations, strong social trends and the influence of our modern lifestyles. As a result, the roles of tomorrow will place entirely new demands on the future workforce. And businesses must have a strategy in place to attract and retain the best talent.

In response, Workspace Sweden 2020 is a place to network, gain new knowledge and discuss solutions for the future. As part of the event, Marjolijn Verleg, EMEA Marketing Communications Manager: Workplace at Tarkett, will lead a seminar on Wednesday 5 February, 12.30-13.00. 

Rethinking Workplace will present the findings of our Worklife research, which has shown that many physical workplaces have not kept pace with the changes that are now part of our everyday lives.

In the presentation, Marjolijn will demonstrate how Tarkett aims to help redress that balance, exploring three key facets of the changing workplace: the Convivial Workplace, the Fluid Workplace and the Nourishing Workplace, as outlined in Storeys Journal.

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The Post-Spatial Workspace

Starting with the question: “With your office in your pocket, is there really any reason to leave home?” architecture firm Tengbom explores the relevance of the bricks-and-mortar office in a “cloud-based reality”.

It’s a question we’ve asked in our own research, Rethinking Workplace, assessing whether the wants and needs of the global workforce match up to current office environments.   

In recent years, activity-based offices have been seen as a solution to the varying working hours and habits of employees, but concepts such as open-plan are associated with words like ‘factory’ or ‘machine’, so the challenge for us architects is to design environments that encourage creativity and collaboration,” says Linda Camara, Director of Operations at Tengbom.

We also found negative connotations associated with the open office – private spaces are by far the most popular choice for both European employers and employees. In fact, our research shows that 62% believe they are at their most productive in the office. 

With this in mind, The Post-Spatial Workspace offers visitors different perspectives on future working practices, based on: place, technology and sustainability. The aim is to review how these themes combine to produce office environments that people want to use alongside their colleagues.

Our research has shown that, although cloud-based technology allows many more people to work from home, the majority still believe they are most productive in the office. Therefore, rather than face an entire global workforce in its pyjamas, it appears we’re not alone in our belief that the office will live on.

To download the Swedish version of the Worklife research report, please visit this link. Tarkett will also be exhibiting at Stockholm Furniture Fair from 4-8 February 2020. If you’re attending, drop by our Natural Bond installation which features on Booth C 11:31.

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