Work is changing in many ways. From the global spread of mobile technology and artificial intelligence to the embrace of greater diversity, ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ we work are being transformed. As a result, our workspaces must too adapt, or risk being left behind.

Workplace design must undergo a radical transformation. Business leaders and their design partners must create workplaces that not only aim to extract value from ‘human resources’ but also create value for them.

To help the design sector with this transformation, providing them with inspiration and insights into future trends, Tarkett has teamed up with FranklinTill to proudly present Storeys Journal.

In this first instalment, The Worklife Issue, we explore multi-layered solutions to today’s built environment in response to challenges across health and wellbeing. This is supported by inspiring stories from architects and designers to present a vision of the future workplace.

Through Storeys Journal, together with The Great Indoors, we hope to inspire and inform, to help you create long-term ideas in line with client needs and emerging design movements.

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