Welcome to 'MyWorklife’ - our global video diary series. Here you can follow a number of individuals from across the world as they make their journey back to the office during the various stages of the pandemic. Each person will be sharing their personal story of highs and lows of working through one of the most disruptive periods in history to connect and learn from each other.

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MyWorkLife with Neil Schneider

MyWorkLife with Dave Rosato

Since 2018 we have been running an ongoing research project: ‘Rethinking Workplace’, to better understand the wants and needs of office workers, and explore how changing behavioural trends might impact on office design specification.

This in turn has helped to inform how we - designers, specifiers, suppliers - can all play a part in making ‘The Great Indoors’ indeed great and geared up for a new way of working. Through the 'MyWorklife' video diary series we also hope to present a more human and personal view of how things are changing. This will help us to document the different experiences people have across the world as they return to the office in the aftermath of Coronavirus.

The Great Indoors is all about raising awareness for a more sustainable and healthy indoor environment

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