A platform to inform and inspire the evolving ‘worklife’ conversation…and help create healthy, flourishing work spaces.
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People spend 90% of their time indoors. The ‘Great Indoors’ reflects Tarkett’s belief that indoor environments should generate the same amount of interest and excitement as the ‘Great Outdoors’, since they are vital to our health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Tarkett aims to help customers create healthier, people-friendly indoor spaces. In the workplace segment, this means tapping into the fluid, flexible, technology-enabled ‘worklife’ movement.

We want to stimulate dialogue and collaboration – among the building industry and employers – on best practice in creating a healthy, thriving 21st century working environment.


We aim to be at the forefront of discussions on new ways of thinking, acting and working in the workplace, inspiring and informing conversations around ‘worklife’.

We’ll do this on the ‘Great Indoors’ platform where we will share expert perspectives and robust insights, exploring best practice in creating productive, enriching work environments.

The platform is transparent in its agenda, covering multiple aspects of the ‘worklife’ experience, focusing on people-friendly spaces and linking back to the ‘Great Indoors’.


We aim to help empower all stakeholders to create healthy, flourishing work spaces where people can thrive in the 21st century by expanding and elevating the ‘worklife’ debate.

Frequently asked questions 'Worklife'

  • What does Worklife mean?

    Worklife refers to the increasing fluidity between our work and leisure time - the fact that we no longer compartmentalise our professional and personal lives. We believe that the term ‘Worklife’ captures this in a positive stand-alone statement than phrases such as ‘work life balance’ which suggests a compromise. Worklife suggests that our lives are ‘one’ and that we’re in control of our day-to-day .

  • Is worklife the same as work/life balance?

    No. The key difference between worklife and work/life balance is the positive energy associated with the former and the lack of division between the two areas in our lives. Worklife refers to an overview of our time, regardless of where and how it is spent. When at work we do not switch off from our personal lives, and vice versa. Therefore, we believe that worklife is a more life affirming way of describing the intertwining of life and work.

  • What are the benefits for employees?

    Worklife has many benefits for people. With businesses increasingly focused on employee wellbeing, what was previously perceived as ‘perks’ such as flexible hours and home working are now becoming more prevalent . As such, work can fit around leisure time to provide people the opportunity to perform tasks when and where it suits them best. This means holidays can be taken for leisure rather than for medical appointments, for example, or to deal with childcare issues, and work can be undertaken when or where a person is most productive.

  • What are the benefits for businesses?

    By creating more people-centred spaces and offering greater flexibility around when and where people work, businesses are supporting employee health and wellbeing. This means happier, more productive and loyal staff. A classic ‘win win ’

  • How can we enable the worklife concept for our employees?

    Although only half of the Worklife concept is down to ‘work’, of course, but it relies on businesses like yours buying-in to it. Quite simply, it starts with the team; taking the time to understand what makes your employees thrive. Find out how you can support them - what they want and need from you. The Great Indoors blog is a great resource for insight and inspiration for employee-centric offices - both for today and the future .

Frequently asked questions 'The Great Indoors'

  • What is The Great Indoors?

    With people spending 90% of their time - on average - inside, ‘The Great Indoors’ aims to bring our positive associations and sense of adventure with the outdoors into the office environment . Our vision is to help create human-centred spaces that support employee health & wellbeing - a place where people thrive - and stimulate a discussion around how we can all work together to make this happen.

  • What is The Great Indoors Index?

    The Great Indoors Index comprises a survey of 2,500 office workers in five European countries: UK, Germany, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. The aim of the research was to measure how parameters including gender, nationality, age and preferred working style impact on how we think, act and function in a workplace context. The first set of results has been analysed in our report: Rethinking Workplace Part I , which offers a useful benchmarking tool for European businesses while highlighting opportunities for commercial designers. We are now expanding this into more markets and by exploring what the results mean for architects and designers, end users and industry thought leaders across Europe .

  • Who is The Great Indoors concept aimed at ?

    We’re building a community of people to help organisations improve employee health and wellbeing. It’s a place where architects and designers, end users - in fact, anyone interested in advancing how we think about the workplace - can come to discuss and discover the latest thinking in workplace thinking.

  • What can I do to support it?

    Everyone can get behind The Great Indoors by using the insights and inspiration shared on here to build a healthier and happier workforce. We’ll be continuing the debate around The Great Indoors with thought-provoking content on here and by bringing in third party contributors in to offer alternative perspectives and opinions. We will also host live sessions to discuss and debate offline - and will then be sharing the conversations held back here. Please join-in the discussion by sharing on your social media channels. Or, if you would like to have your voice heard on this platform, please get in touch with our team (contact details) to continue the conversation .