Welcome to Rethinking Workplace - an online hub dedicated to exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting on workplace trends around the globe.

As the world continues to battle with the health crisis, businesses are trying to balance the reopening of the economy with the health and wellbeing of their employees. And there is lots of discussion about what role the office will serve going forward.

From our ongoing global research reports, to the ‘MyWorklife’ video diary series, here you’ll find engaging content, uncovering how the wants and needs of office workers develops over time.


In our new 'MyWorklife’ page - our global video diary series - you can follow a number of individuals from across the world as they make their journey back to the office during the various stages of the pandemic. Each person will be sharing their personal story of highs and lows of working through one of the most disruptive periods in history to connect and learn from each other.


In the wake of Covid-19 Tarkett will be launching an exciting new webinar series: ‘Rethinking Workplace.’ Drawing on our own extensive research around the wants and needs of office workers across the globe (both pre and post Covid-19), in these webinars we will explore what the key drivers may be as we emerge from this pandemic.

As well as presenting our own findings, the Rethinking Workplace webinar series will also bring together insights from key industry experts around the world.

If you want to watch again one of our webinars, please click here.


In the midst of the pandemic, we've been carrying out ongoing global research and reports to provide a real-time benchmark of how perspectives are shifting as the situation evolves. See the first results in our report here or press the download button below.