Welcome to Rethinking Workplace - an online hub dedicated to exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting on workplace trends around the globe.

As the world starts to emerge from lockdown, businesses are trying to balance the reopening of the economy with the health and wellbeing of their employees. And there is lots of discussion about what role the office will serve going forward.

From our ongoing global research reports, to the ‘MyWorklife’ video diary series, here you’ll find engaging content, uncovering how the wants and needs of office workers develops over time.


In the wake of Covid-19 Tarkett is hosting a new webinar series, called ‘Rethinking Workplace’ - bringing together extensive research into the wants and needs of office workers across the globe (both pre and post pandemic).

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In our latest report, find the needs and want of the European and American workers. And if you're interested in digging deeply into the research, please visit this page.